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Our Popcorn Flavors

Sweet Flavors


Sea Salt Caramel (G): Our take on traditional caramel popcorn with a touch of sea salt 

Madagascar Vanilla Bean (G): Sweet, white caramel speckled with flecks of whole vanilla bean. 

Belgian Chocolate (G): Sea Salt Caramel popcorn with a soft coating of Belgian Chocolate

 Oregon Trail (N): Our delicious version of Trail Mix: peanuts, pretzels, Belgian chocolate, peanut butter, and cranberries

Northwest Raspberry (G): A raspberry infused white caramel popcorn 

Thai PB&J (G)( N):Our delicious raspberry popcorn mixed with melted peanut butter and thai spices for a touch of heat. 

Coconut Cloud (G) (N): Marshmallow-like coconut caramel with a crunch of cashews and pieces of toasted coconut. 

Bananas Foster (G) : Boozy rum and banana infused caramel popcorn with a cinnamon spice and dried banana chips.

 Cinnamon Apple Churro (G) : Sweet chewy dried apple pieces mixed with cinnamon sugar, churro inspired, popcorn

 Hopworks’ Espresso Stout : Made with Hopworks’ Survival Stout (stout and coffee), this popcorn has a chocolate and espresso flavor

Mayan Hot Cocoa (G) : Dark chocolate popcorn that has a cayenne-cinnamon kick of heat

 Bulleit Bourbon Maple Pecan (G) (N) : Bulleit Bourbon infused maple caramel popcorn with candied pecans.

 Honey Lavender featuring Stash Tea (G) : The result of our partnership with Stash Tea is this sweet honey lavender popcorn with ‘Breakfast in Paris’ tea & dried lavender


Savory Flavors


Buttery Best (G): Classic theater style buttered popcorn.

Sharp White Cheddar (G): Cheesy, cheddar popcorn.

 Garlic Cheese (G):  Garlic Parmesan herb popcorn with a cheesy, chive, and paprika flare.

Golden Curry (Vegan) (G) (D):  Spiced coconut curry popcorn with a hint of lime and heat.

 Jalapeno Pepper Jack (G): A pepper jack cheese popcorn with the heat from jalapenos and speckles of parsley.

 Hickory Smoked Gouda (G):  Gouda cheesy popcorn with a smoke house hickory taste.

  Sea Salt and Vinegar (G): Tangy sea salt and vinegar popcorn with a touch of citrus lemon.

 Black Truffle Sea Salt (G):This truffle popcorn is earthy, garlic-like, with a velvety butter taste and features The Meadow’s Black Truffle sea salt.

 Mediterranean (Vegan)(G) (D): Popcorn tossed in olive oil and the seasonings of the Mediterranean that includes basil, thyme, oregano, rosemary, and garlic




Seasonal Flavors


White Almond Cherry (N) (G):  Almond caramel popcorn drizzled in white chocolate and topped with tart dried cherries and toasted almond slices~ Available January-February

Ginger Snap (G):  Spicy yet sweet ginger caramel popcorn with candied ginger pieces! ~ Available October- December

 Peppermint: Our classic vanilla popcorn with a peppermint schnapps kick! Sprinkled with candy cane pieces for that holiday flare. ~ November- December

 Pumpkin Spice (G) :  White caramel aromatic spiced popcorn and toasted pumpkin seeds. ~ Available September- December

 Cake Batter (G) :  Happy Birthday popcorn with a white caramel and cake flavor topped with sprinkles. ~ Available June- July




(G)- Gluten Free               (D)- Dairy Free                   (N) Nut Allergy Alert