Flavor List

Sweet Flavors

Our take on traditional caramel popcorn with a touch of sea salt

Sweet, white caramel speckled with flecks of whole vanilla bean.

Sea Salt Caramel popcorn with a soft coating of Belgian Chocolate

Our delicious version of Trail Mix: peanuts, pretzels, Belgian chocolate, peanut butter, and cranberries

A raspberry infused white caramel popcorn

Marshmallow-like coconut caramel with a crunch of cashews and pieces of toasted coconut.

Sweet chewy dried apple pieces mixed with cinnamon sugar, churro inspired, popcorn

Dark chocolate popcorn that has a cayenne-cinnamon kick of heat

Bulleit Bourbon infused maple caramel popcorn with candied pecans.


Savory Flavors

Classic theater style buttered popcorn.

Cheesy, cheddar popcorn.

Garlic Parmesan herb popcorn with a cheesy, chive, and paprika flare.

A pepper jack cheese popcorn with the heat from jalapenos and speckles of parsley.

Gouda cheesy popcorn with a smoke house hickory taste.

Popcorn tossed in olive oil and the seasonings of the Mediterranean that includes basil, thyme, oregano, rosemary, and garlic


Seasonal Flavors

Almond caramel popcorn drizzled in white chocolate and topped with tart dried cherries and toasted almond slices~ Available January-February

Our classic vanilla popcorn with a peppermint schnapps kick! Sprinkled with candy cane pieces for that holiday flare. ~ November- December

White caramel aromatic spiced popcorn and toasted pumpkin seeds. ~ Available October- December

(G)- Gluten Free (D)- Dairy Free (N) Nut Allergy Alert